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recruitpool, building a talent pool, secure, faster and cheaper. Start Now.

Recruitpool is talent pool which is a great way to secure talents for your job openings faster and cheaper. If you are hiring managers or talent seekers looking to get started with acquisition of talents faster and shortest period, recruitpool is perfect for you.

A recruitpool is a database of talent profiles interested to work in abroad countries or expressed interest or have applied for your open job positions, but also sourced, referred candidates, silver medalists and other talents that have willingly joined talent network in an inbound way, managed by large number of small enterprises distributed in various domains across the country.

From 2020, we have started developing recruitpool by supporting small enterprises, often works for RA’s as candidate pooling agency or associate who has strong local influence in their respective operational areas and manage large number of talents, by governing as per applicable compliances and re-structuring their existing business so that they can grow their business in terms of governance, operational, marketing, technological advancement, accounting and legal support.

recruitpool helps you stay ahead of your company’s talent needs. Instead of waiting until you have open job positions, you can recruit “in advance”, for the future hiring needs of your company. That way, at the moment you have to fill certain positions, you already have a reserve of high-quality candidates to choose from. Imagine if every time you had a job opening, you had a pool of talent from which you can just pick the best one! Sounds great, right? It means you could fill your open positions much easier and faster with better candidates and no money spent on advertising.

In other words, talent pools have 3 main benefits:

  • Reduced cost-per-hire.
  • Reduced time-to-hire.
  • Improved quality-of-hire.