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Strategic HR Services at Asporea

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Welcome to Asporea Strategic HR Services

Global competitiveness forces organizations to continually re-engineer their global business delivery networks and processes. Utilizing and pooling international human resources to deliver products and services has become a critical success factor and business imperative. Strategic HR Services assist clients to strategically address the scarcity of experienced and skilled personnel.

Our experience enables us to provide personnel from any region or combination of regions as individuals or in specialist teams. We provide entire services by setting up talent management portfolio including recruitment, placement, training, assessment; retention and other HR-related administration and management of these individuals. Our expert recruitment and consultant teams can provide you with personalized service.


We provide the following HR Services:

Establish Recruiting and Hiring Standards

Through an initial consultation with our talent seeker and after understanding the actual need of the talents, basic criteria, we will establish a set of standards (SOP) according to the talent seeker’s requirement and we advise our talent seeker of the availability of talents from a different area where our operation is existed according to the best practices in the process of recruiting and offer customizable products, i.e. ‘OnDemand Hire’, ‘Graduate Hire’, ‘Outsourcing’, ‘Employment Branding’, ‘Assessment & Certification’ and ‘Psychological & DIMT Test’.

We also provide tips on candidate selection and outline the process of pre-employment screening. In the same line, we will advise the recruitment terminals, area covered and ways of attracting the talents.

Policy and Procedure

Develop, apply, and evaluate all policies and procedures that comply with government guidelines. Ensure that the recruitment campaign is up to date. Present government initiates ‘Ease of Doing Business’ in India made a clear strategy that talent seekers from:

ECR countries may be required to register themselves as ‘FE’ (Foreign Employer) in Emigrate system and generate Demand Letter and Power of Attorney in favor of ‘RA’ (Recruiting Agent),

ECNR countries may not require to registering themselves as ‘FE’ (Foreign Employer) in the Emigrate system. They simply need to provide Demand Letter and Power of Attorney in favor of ‘RA’ (Recruiting Agent).

For details and latest update, refer to www.emigrate.gov.in


Talent Acquisition

We have our own organizational specific model which we believe is the best method of attracting, selecting and appointing the best talent possible specific to your brief. Our bespoke approach is flexible depending on your requirements, with our industry-savvy consultants having both the experience and know-how to create and execute the best strategies to source what you need, when you need it, for the duration you need it.
We use of online search software, social media, communications, word of mouth, talent factories, talent pooling media, and range of marketing materials to not only help you promote your employer brand, but also to attract more talent to your business which help to identify or attract talents with extensive expertise in a specific filed and industry. This ensures that your brand and roles stand out to the audience.
We have developed a system which we follow for the talent cycle and enrolled candidates in SimplyFind Program which equipped our high-quality bespoke backend database system in place. This result in us having a comprehensive catalog comprised of vast volumes of candidates managed and prepared, generally relevant to many of the roles our clients require. However, if we do not already have suitable contenders, our consultants are experienced in the planning, drafting, and management of advertising strategies to attract the best talent. We use resources such as social media, passive networking, database management, and appropriate advertising both online local & in the local press.

RTD Program - We also recruit the talents in Simply Manage program directly under the RTD ‘Recruit, Train and Deployment’ program where the candidate can engage in developing the skills and certifying them as per the requirement of talent seekers. In most of the cases, especially from the European countries, talent seekers seeks candidate with talents that matches their core industry like agriculture, food processing & manufacturing, animal husbandry, mushroom cultivation, floriculture etc… and to find out the skilled and certified candidates for such industries from India and neighboring countries is daunting task. To cater the acquisition need of the talent seekers of European countries, we recruit candidate in ‘SimplyManage’ program where we train & certify them as per the NSQF norms and provide them meaningful placement with talent seekers.

After a thorough in-house review of suitable candidates, we implement the following steps to ensure the right caliber and temperament of recruit;

Pre Screening - An initial telephone pre-screening is conducted with prospects before a personal interview to determine skill level and experience.

Talent Seeker Interviews - We make arrangements for the talent seeker to interview short-listed candidates either at our premises or our Recruitment Terminals or Campuses.

Reference Checks - Before referring any candidates we undertake a minimum of two reference checks with former employers or principal/teacher to validate the candidate’s curriculum vitae, skills, knowledge, and attributes.

Character Verification - We undertake a check to confirm the character of all short-listed candidates to ensure that all those shortlisted are a good moral character.

After completion of the screening process, we undertake various activities to accomplish the goal and we implement the following steps to ensure the right caliber and temperament of the recruit.

Job Offer - Once the Screening is completed, we list selected candidates and offer them employment on behalf of the talent seeker and complete the necessary formalities. We also work on the candidate who refuses employment offer.

Medical Examination - We make arrangements for the candidates for undertaking Pre-Medical Examination to ensure all candidates are medically ‘FIT’. We always refer GAMCA medical or Medical Center prescribed by concern government or medical diagnosis center which is duly approved by Government of India.

Psychological Test - We do psychological tests, which are designed to be “an objective and standardized measure of a sample of behavior” which identifies behavior related to an individual's performance on tasks that have usually been prescribed beforehand to talent seeker.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Check - Finding addiction in candidate is very tough task as parents hide candidate’s addiction history and candidates have uncountable options to hide or overcome it during Medical Examination and specific Drug & Alcohol testing is not affordable as its very expensive however, we put our effort in finding it by a various process with the help of experts i.e. Psychologists, Psychiatrists and reference check whichever available.

Document Attestation and Apostille - We support candidates to legalize their documents i.e. Degree Certificate, School Certificate, PCC, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, etc. by offering MEA attestation and Apostille and Embassy attestation services through our associate partner.

Work Permit - We make confirmation to our talent seeker to process candidate’s work permits in their respective country once we receive confirmation from the candidate and satisfactory on their Character, Behavior and Criminal records.

Preparation for Visa Application - Once we receive confirmation that Work Permit has approved by the concerned Government, we start with assisting on preparation of documents of candidates for Visa Application in the nearest Embassy/High Commission and provide Visa Interview Preparatory Classes.

Visa Application - Once we receive a hard copy of Work Permit from the talent seekers, we assist and guide the candidate to file the visa application in the nearest embassy/high commission and an attend visa interview.

Police Verification - We ensure candidates sourced through us must obtain PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) before departure to the host country.

Usually, PCC is required before visa application in the nearest embassy/high commission, however in some country, PCC is required before processing of Work Permit and in some country, embassy/high commission doesn’t ask for PCC for Visa/WP processing and in such cases, and we ask the candidate to obtain PCC after obtaining Visa and before attending Pre Departure Orientation.

We undertake a check to confirm the criminal record of all short-listed candidates to ensure that all those shortlisted are not evolved in any criminal offences.

Insurance - We ensure that all candidates holding passport ECNR must have Term Insurance Policy of Rs. 5 to 10 Lakhs valid for two years and Short-Term Travel (Overseas Health) insurance (1 to 12 Months) to cover their medical bills for an initial period with them before the departure.

For all candidates holding passport, ECR must have Emigration Clearance from POE, Insurance ‘Bharatiya Pravashai Bima’ and Short-Term Travel (Overseas Health) insurance (1 to 3 Months) to cover their medical bills for initial period with them before the departure.

Affidavit - We ensure that all candidates have taken permission from their guardian and spouse if married before the processing of their Visa. In addition, we ensure that candidate shall present ‘NOC’ for his/her ongoing foreign employment in the form of Affidavit Declaration from the Notary Public/Oath Commissioner.

Emigration Clearance - We ensure that all candidates holding passport ECR traveling ECR countries (https://www.mea.gov.in/emigration-abroad-for-emp.htm) must obtain emigration clearance from POE offices through Emigrate system, however, ECR candidates traveling ECNR countries doesn’t require emigration clearance from POE offices through Emigrate system.

Candidates holding passport ECNR traveling ECR/ECNR countries doesn’t require emigration clearance from POE offices through emigrate system.

Our specialists ensure all the terms and conditions are agreed upon, with the preferred candidate available, ready to commence work on the requested start date.

Pre-Departure Orientation ‘PDOT’ - We organize Orientation programs to all candidates who are traveling towards their destination and share about culture, lifestyle, employment, whether conditions, laws, survival techniques, important contact numbers etc. We ensure that every candidate is aware of their employment, careers, and growth.

In addition, candidate holding ECR Passport traveling to ECR countries need to attend PDOT Classes organized by MEA, Govt. of India.

Departure - Finally, we ensure that no candidate misses their flight. We organize all candidates’ flight and our officials escort them till the Departure point.

Travel Arrangement - We undertake to make the necessary arrangement for travel from their home town to destination. Our PRO department handles all the queries and organizes candidates for their safe travel.

  • Original Passport, 24 Pcs PP Size Color Photo (12 pcs blue background & 12 pcs white background), Original Documents with two set of Xerox copies, Offer Letter/Pre Employment Contract, Visa Copy, Flight Ticket
  • Work Permit and Accommodation Document for Europe Only
  • Travel Insurance (Health Insurance) & Term Insurance Copy
  • BPB Insurance & Emigration Clearance Document (ECR candidate only)
  • Contact details of pick-up person in Airport in host country and Emergency Contact i.e. Indian High Commission etc…
  • Global Mobile SIM Pre-activated with minimum balance for voice & data
  • Pocket Money in the form of foreign currency (AED/USD/Euro etc…)/Travel Card with PIN Code.
  • Necessary Medicines and doctor prescription if any
  • Necessary Clothes, Shoes, Electronic & Electrical devices, Stationeries, Books, Laptops, Smartphone etc…